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The Law Office of Damary Valle, PA. is dedicated to protecting your family’s rights through any family law process. If you have a case involving any area of family law, we can offer you experienced legal advise, support, and representation.
We represent clients in contested and uncontested divorce, military divorces, paternity, modifications of child support and alimony, enforcement, relocation, domestic violence, mediation, and military divorces.

Practice Areas

Ms. Valle represents clients in both contested and uncontested divorce. She offers affordable, flat fee divorce services for clients who have already reached agreements regarding custody, support and property and simply need legal help to complete an uncontested divorce. Ms. Valle has the experience to know how to address the many issues that may arise during your divorce, such as child custody, child support, timesharing, property rights, property division, alimony, and the recovery of attorney’s fees.

Military Divorce

A divorce where one or both spouses are in the military is best approached by an attorney who is familiar with the particular laws and proceedings that are specific to members of the armed services. Ms. Valle addresses these matters with professionalism and personal attention in order to facilitate positive resolutions for our military and civilian clients.

Modifications of
Child Supports & Alimony

Alimony, also referred to as spousal support or maintenance, may be awarded to one spouse in a divorce. There are several types of alimony in Florida, and depending upon the circumstances of your divorce, you may be eligible to receive alimony or you may be required to support your ex-spouse. A significant change in one's life may warrant the modification of a current alimony arrangement. If you need help in modifying or terminating alimony payments, Ms. Valle can offer experienced guidance to seek the result you need.

Depending on the case, one parent may be required to pay child support to the other parent in order to care for their child or children. Both parents are required to contribute to supporting the child, and in some cases this means that child support will be necessary. The state of Florida uses a child support calculator based upon your monthly income and the number of children. That calculator is used often to find a general starting point and does not necessarily indicate the amount that you will have to pay. Depending on the circumstances, amount of time you spend with the child and other factors, the amount might be more or less. Job loss, a promotion, or a change in a child's educational or medical needs may warrant a modification of child support.


Whether you are a parent seeking child support payments from the other parent, or one who seeks to establish regular visitation or time-sharing with your child, Ms. Valle can help you to establish legal paternity.

Enforcement of
Settlement Agreements

When divorcing spouses reach a settlement agreement, both parties have a legal obligation to abide by the terms of this agreement in regard to property division, child support, alimony and child custody. With Ms. Valle’s experience in family law, she can assist you in taking the appropriate actions to enforce the agreement.


Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that involves working with a neutral third party who will act as a mediator to resolve any disputes between divorcing spouses. Choosing this collaborative approach can save all parties involved a great deal of time and money and can limit the amount of stress experienced in a divorce.

Relocation of children

If you desire to move with your child or children more than 50 miles away from your primary residence, you must first get a written agreement from the other parent or file a Petition for Relocation in order to obtain a court order allowing the relocation. Moving away without permission may be considered a violation of a court order, which may have serious repercussions.

Domestic Violence

Victims of domestic violence are strongly urged to seek help from law enforcement to protect their immediate safety. Ms. Valle offers experienced legal counsel in these matters by helping a victim obtain a restraining order to prohibit further contact or abuse from the offender or defending someone who was served with a restraining order.

Meet Damary Valle
Family Law

Damary Valle, Esquire has dedicated her law career to helping families in need of legal services. The Law Office of Damary Valle, P.A focuses exclusively in divorce and other related family law matters. Ms. Valle is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with parents who migrated from Puerto Rico. Ms. Valle is fluent in English and Spanish. Growing up in a small rural neighborhood, she realized how important it was to “know your rights”. She knew early in life that she wanted to become a lawyer to advocate for people’s rights. Ms. Valle moved to Miami, Florida to attend college, where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree at Florida International University and attended Nova Southeastern University for law school. In 2012, Ms. Valle became a Supreme Court of Florida Certified Mediator.

Ms. Valle is a compassionate, empathetic, and strong advocate that understands that family related issues can be one of the most difficult and traumatic times in her client’s lives as well as their families. That is why she offers her clients the support and personal attention, and consideration that each one deserves and needs in such troubling times.
Ms. Valle is very active in her community and involved in many non-profit organizations helping those in need. She recently published an article entitled “It’s a Team Effort: Co-parenting After a Divorce” featured in In Brickell Magazine.


I am very happy with the service I received from Damary Valle. Her objective is to get problems solved while maintaining her professionalism. She is honest, fair, thorough and keeps you informed of your situation throughout the entire process. I have and will continue to recommend her as a number one attorney to count on during difficult situations.

- Letty T


After being married for 25 years, I was faced with a difficult divorce while caring for my two children. After interviewing several attorneys, I was disappointed and confused, until a good friend recommended Damary Valle. What a blessing! Damary is someone I recommend with complete confidence. At a very stressful time in my life, Damary always looked out for me and my family's best interest.

- Patricia A


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